September 13th, 2011

Tuition Tutor Singapore

Tuition Tutor Singapore Agency is founded by an Ex-School Teacher with the mission to provide Best Tuition Tutor for the student. Professional Tuition Tutors and Teachers guarantee result improvement. All 1 to 1 individual tutoring by Qualified Teachers, Tutors, Music Teachers and Lecturers can be arranged upon request.
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Stanford Tuition is not just about finding tutors for you.  It’s about finding the right tutor for each student.

We offer the best tutors, school teachers, lecturers & graduates available in today’s market.

Qualified tutors, teachers or lecturers can be arranged as fast as within 1 to 2 hours upon confirmed request unless negotiations slow down.

Our fees are reasonable and competitive according to today’s prevailing market rates.

Parents can decide after the first lesson. This is to ensure 100% Full Satisfaction.

Looking for a Dedicated & Responsible Tutor.
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January 19th, 2015

2014 Stellar O-level Results is 83.3% 

Singapore students had did very well a record of 83.3% of them scored at least five O-level subjects passed. This result does not include the Integrated Program (IP) who skips the O-level examinations.
30, 964 students who took the O-level examinations in 2014, have the best performance in at least 20 years, as a record 83.3% of them scored at least five O-level subjects passes. 95.9% passed at least three O-level subjects passes. 99.9% had at least one O-level passes.

3,949 students from the Sec 4 Normal Academic (Sec 4 NA) stream who took one or more O-level subjects, 87.9% had at least one O-level passes.

2,133 private candidates also took the same examinations, with 89.5% had at least one O-level passes.

O-level Results is best in 20 years

Of all the students who sit for O-level exams results last year, 83.3% scored Five passes or more. This surpasses 82.7% set in 2013.


Director of SIM Global Education, pointed out the better results could be because the education system has places emphasis on both content knowledge and the learning experience. Schools have been teaching the students, how to learn better.


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December 26th, 2014

Physics Tuition Singapore: O, A-level    

It is no secret that Singapore’s educational system is one of the best in South East Asia; this is all thanks to the Government and MOE conviction to provide each student with a complete and world-class education, especially in mathematical based subjects such as Physics Tuition Singapore: O, A-level.
While this set-up is ultimately for the benefit of Singapore’s younger generation, the rigorous educational system has the tendency to place immense pressure on students. This is why parents often find the need for specialized tuition agencies services, just like what a Physics Tuition Singapore: O, A-level can provide.

What A Physics Tuition Singapore Can Do For A Student

A skilled physics tutor is often just what students need to give them that extra boost to do better in school. They do this by creating ways for their students to fully understand the most basic concepts of the subject. For in an area of learning such as physics, where a size-able portion of its concepts involve mathematical equations, only when you can understand the foundations, can you move forward and master the more advanced or complicated concepts.

Being able to completely comprehend a concept also allows a student’s focus to shift from just struggling to keep up with the rest of the class and trying to get by, to being in a position to enjoy the entire learning process and even excel in class, simply because they can easily grasp what it being taught.

With A Physics Tuition Singapore

Thank-you to the wonders of the Internet, availability of the services of a Physics tutor is now much easier as can be, all one has to do is choose a reputable tuition agency, visit their website to register an account, and locate an available tutor by posting a specific physics tuition request.

A suitable arrangement based on the details specified in the tutor request can usually be made in as little as an hour, and if the client accepts the tutor being recommended and the terms of the tuition assignment, the tutorial lessons can be finalized and the student can begin their lessons with the Physics Tuition Singapore, at the soonest possible time.




December 25th, 2014

Impact of Tuition Singapore

The National Institute of Education (NIE) has launched three (3) studies to find out the impact of home tuition & centre tuition Singapore.

1]. Is tuition really improves students’ grades?
2]. Is tuition creates an unhealthy reliance which may make them worse?

This studies are expected to be completed by the end of 2014.
3]. Are tutors help students understand content during tuition?
4]. Are tutors only drilling students to be exam-smart?

Does Tuition raise scores in Mathematics and English

Dr Shaljan Areepattamannil is project leader and he said that his team will try to measure whether tuition does indeed raise scores in Mathematics and English.

They will also look at tuition’s effect on a student’s motivation and interest in Mathematics and English.

“Even if the study shows that tuition doesn’t result in significant gains, parents and students may not be dissuaded. But for policy makers and educators, it may still be good to understand the impact and trends,” he said.

Dr Woo Huay Lit is heading a study on who the tutors are, and the types and quality of teaching in tuition centres in Singapore.

Dr Trivina Kang’s study, meanwhile, is looking at what parents expect from tuition Singapore, and the experiences of students.



** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** * Free Past Primary Exam Papers for students are available.
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July 24th, 2014

Mathematics Tutors in Singapore

Mathematics is an important subject to learn for students all over the world, including Singapore. Something must be done to address this concern. Mathematics Tutor is the ultimate alternative for students who enjoy Maths tuition and produces good marks. Due to its high standards and fast paced progress, the usual school hours have become insufficient to gain adequate mastery of Mathematics. Many parents have turned to private home tutoring as the remedy.

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May 23rd, 2013

Singapore Tuition Tutors provide Good Services

What makes a good tutor in Singapore? Is it their teaching style and approach? Is it their area of expertise? Is it the fact that they were just born tutors? This article will focus on what is the make-up of a good Singapore Tutors, particularly in Multi-Nation Island, giving Singapore Tutors the distinction of being the best in what they do.

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April 26th, 2013

Tuition Agency Helps Dyslexic Students

Most parents have a dream for their children. This is the reason why most parents spend most of their time working in the companies they are employed in. Some of them allot a huge part of their time managing their own businesses. Whatever they do, they have a common objective why they work very hard which is to provide a bright future to their beloved children.

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February 4th, 2013


Singapore Home Tutors

The educational system of Singapore is patterned after global standards. Hence, its curriculum is designed for the acquisition of skills and abilities according to international competencies. Academic performance is a top priority for parents in Singapore. Hectic working schedules are usual for many working parents. In addition, a ton of other tasks need to be addressed at home after work. Furthermore, advances in technology and the fast paced changes taking place everywhere make it extremely difficult for parents to personally supervise their child or children’s studies. For this reason home tutors in Singapore are their helping hands.

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June 18th, 2012

Tuition Agency Singapore

Tuition Agency Singapore is necessary. A classroom is filled with many students, each coming from a different family background, responding to different teaching methods, having different IQ levels and retention rates, and being faced with different social challenges. Students cannot be expected to simply function like recorder gadgets. Their ways to assimilate new material is a highly complex process.

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June 15th, 2012

Finding The Best Tuition Agencies

Tuition Agencies are a dime a dozen these days and each tuition agency always claim to be the best. However, there are several things that a good agency does that set them apart from the rest of the other agencies. These are the things that make an agency the best.

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June 11th, 2012

Singapore Guitar Tuition Lessons: World’s Friendliest

You have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but just could not find the time to get down to it. You have been itching to be able to impress your family, friends, and that special someone. You are hesitating because of your personal shyness and inhibitions. But, deep down inside, you desire to learn how to play either the Acoustic or Classical Guitar. Don’t fret! Singapore Guitar Tuition Lessons offer you the friendliest and most personable teachers in this city.

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June 8th, 2012

A Guide for Tutors on their First Tuition Assignments

First time tutors on their first assignments normally get the jitters. It’s very understandable; it’s their first time to do this sort of thing. First time tutors need all the help they can get just to break the ice. For first time tutors out there, here are a few tips you can follow.

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May 28th, 2012

Math Tuition And Singapore Math

Singapore math is the mathematics curriculum on which is based Math Tuition services of Singapore. Singaporeans have equated the term “Singapore Math” with the company and its bookstores that sell books based on this curriculum. It is interesting to note that the US and Australia have adopted major portions of this curriculum in their own curriculums for mathematics subjects.

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