GP Tuition

GP Tuition For Pre-University Students

GP Tuition Importance

For a country that speaks numerous languages, Singapore uses English to connect its people together. But while speaking the language seems natural to Singaporeans, albeit with distinct accent, writing it is another matter. For A Level students, it is a challenge to write their General Paper, which is arguably the most critical subject for them. It’s no wonder many students enroll in GP Tuition.

GP doesn’t just require students to write in the English language. It gauges their proficiency through essays and comprehension papers while at the same time helping improve their language skills and hone their thinking and reasoning abilities. Unlike other subjects that only teach students the rudimentary of speaking and writing, GP aims to cultivate the maturity of thought of pre-university students through essay-writing exercises on current events and diverse topics. The exercises help promote independent thinking while using the English language proficiently to express what they want to say clearly.

What GP does is prepare students to face the world confidently. Although the people who speak English are not as many as those who speak Chinese, English is still considered a global language. It is also the language of business. And in Singapore, people engage in international businesses. Learning how to convey thoughts in professional and effective manner would get the students far ahead.

How GP Tuition Is Best Conducted

Since students are encouraged to express opinions and their analysis based on varied issues, conducting GP Tuition in a group setting would be ideal. The setup would help broaden the students’ perspective and make them understand the issues better by hearing the viewpoints of others. It would also encourage them to voice out their opinions and state their arguments in an articulate and civil manner.

The syllabus for General Paper aims for students to foster critical awareness of the world and acquire knowledge and extensive understanding of diverse topics while demonstrating familiarity with proper written English. For pre-university students, it is more than just passing the subject. GP prepares them for life ahead by giving them a global outlook and a competitive edge through the English language.

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