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Hone The IP Student’s Academic Competencies Through IP Tuition In Singapore

Do you intend to proceed to higher education programmes at acclaimed universities or simply wish to flourish in your IP class? No worries. The professional academic coaching needs of intellectually gifted students in the Lion City can now be accommodated through Singapore IP Tuition.

IP Tuition—What Is Integrated Programme?

The Integrated Programme in Singapore (IP), also known as the Gifted Education programme, is clearly designed to cater the needs of students who display excellent cognitive prowess in school time after time. Implemented throughout the country in 2004, this programme follows an academic structure that enables university-bound students to proceed to the GCE ‘A’-Levels or other equivalents like school-based diploma and the International Baccalaureate without going through the GCE ‘O’-Level Examination. As its name suggests, this integrated upper secondary and JC programme empowers students to cruise pass ‘O’ level exam and go straight to Junior College.

Schools that offer the Integrated Programme usually focus on growing the intellectual curiosity of bright students and inspire them to open up to a more extensive breadth of academic learning, from research studies to other real-world specialisations.

IP Tuition Boosts The Intellectual Capacity Of The IP Student

Going through the Integrated Programme is not that simple. IP students are the best of the best, the cream of the crop as they say. It is therefore more imperative for these pupils to find ways to maintain their remarkable performance and keep up with the highly rigid academic standards of IP schooling.

Because the academic instruction for IP institutions is particularly differently from typical secondary schools in Singapore, IP students are strictly required to cope with these huge transitions, focus on their lessons, not fall behind and play catch up!

If there’s a single best strategy for you to breeze through IP schooling without experiencing major bumps and difficulties along your scholastic journey, it is this: hire IP Tuition services. Tuition services offered by reputable tuition agencies in Singapore are specifically formulated to suit the needs of students enrolled in IP schools. Why lag behind when you can be the best student once exposed to professional tuition? Contact a Singaporean tuition provider now!

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