School Teacher Singapore

Home Tutor VS. School Teacher Singapore

What is the difference between a School Teacher Singapore and a private tutor or tuition provider? Well, for starters, a school teacher conducts his or her classes in the school classroom, while a private tutor can teach in any appropriate setting that is convenient to his or her students, most of the time, this means that lessons are conducted at the students’ homes.

Other Differences Between A Private Tutor And A School Teacher Singapore

The mode of instruction is another area wherein there is a significant difference between private tutors and school teachers. With the school classroom being the setting for a school teacher’s classes, his or her mode of instruction is more geared towards teaching a group of students and keeping order in the classroom, a school teacher also has to adhere to a certain set and succession of lessons and concepts to be tackled. This is because a school teacher’s lesson plan is ultimately determined by the school he or she is working for.

On the other hand, private tutors are free from such constraints, they are independent education providers, and they have the freedom to focus only on what a specific student needs to learn. Their mode of instruction is tailored to address the unique learning needs of individual students, and most of the time, their classes and lessons come in the form of one-on-one discussions.

The Important Role Of A School Teacher Singapore

Although there are a few aspects wherein a private tutor appears to be the more effective educator, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is the school teachers who provide the very foundations of learning, and none can replace the important roles that they play in a student’s entire academic experience.

Private tutors simply serve to supplement the education provided by a School Teacher Singapore, and they are not meant to work against, or even replace his or her vital functions.

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