School Teacher

School Teacher: A Job Worth Keeping

The introduction of teachers in all corners of the world showed a great impact on how people think, speak, and act. Their presence made an incomparable difference which made them land the role as the “second parents” to their students. Through the years, it has been undeniable that as teachers graced the school grounds, they garner respect from the people around them.

Working as a teacher does not only entail enhancing the knowledge of every individual, it also serves as an option for them to enrich their strengths while working on their weaknesses.

School Teacher Vs. A Tutor

Through the years, the term teacher has been widely used up until a distinction was needed in order to determine a school-based instructor from a tutor.

A School Teacher is generally different from a tutor in terms of the working environment because the former is based in a formal learning institution and the latter can either perform his/ her duties at different locations depending on the students’ request.

The next difference lies on the topics being covered. School-based teachers create a lesson plan which is based on a curriculum, thus, the flow of every session should strictly revolve around the said plan. In the case of tutors, they do not need to create and follow a plan; their assignments are often grounded on the preference and the needs of the student.

Last, in relation to the compensation rates, School Teachers receive monthly wages which are often fixed; as for tutors, their salary is solely dependent on the number of bookings that they received and attended to, hence, it is not based on a fixed rate.

The Advocacy Of A School Teacher And Other Educators

There may be several differences between tutors and school-based teachers but they all have one supreme goal and that is to convey all important pieces of information as an aid for the improvement of their students.

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