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Singapore Mathematics Tuition

Singapore Mathematics Tuition

The Mathematics Tuition curriculum of Singapore is based on international standards. In fact, the US and Australia have adopted several major portions of Singapore’s curriculum, only proving its superior quality. The curriculum is based on a unique framework consisting of five interrelated components. The rationale behind this framework is that mathematical problem solving is the interaction of concepts, skills, processes, attitudes, and meta-cognition

Mathematics Tuition Curriculum Framework of Five Components

The five components of the curriculum framework are discussed here. The mathematical concepts referred to here are five main concepts of mathematics: numerical, algebraic, geometrical, statistical, probabilistic, and analytical. Conceptually, it is important that students recognise the mental image and abstract that mathematics is an integration of several elements rather than isolated pieces of knowledge. Skills are the performance and manipulative ability to use the concepts to solve problems, including utilisation of technology. Processes refer to the set of knowledge skills. They cover mathematical reasoning (analysing and constructing logical arguments), communication (using mathematical language to describe ideas and arguments correctly), and connections (associating one concept with another or one skill with another). The Maths Tuition curriculum framework also includes thinking skills (classifying, sequencing, comparing concepts and skills) and heuristics (identifying patterns and relationships). Finally, application and modelling (the application of these sets of skills to solve real world and novelty problems) complete this component.

The Component Of Maths Tuition Curriculum

The final two components of the maths tuition curriculum framework are attitudes and meta-cognition. Attitudes are the effective aspects of learning and applying mathematics. They include beliefs about maths and its usefulness, interest in learning it, confidence using it, and perseverance solving problems. Meta-cognition is the awareness and control of one’s thought processes in selecting and using problem-solving strategies. The image of this framework is a pentagon where each side is labelled by a component and the interior is labelled “Mathematical Problem Solving.” The image does give you a good overview!

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